Meaningful Journey

Why. Meaningful Journey is created to inspire and to help people reach more meaningful lives

The braveness and boldness of this vision is based on our journey towards what we have defined as our individual meaningful lives.

Our personal meaningful journey has changed the courses of our lives completely. It has taken us to places of our minds and hearts that we never realised existed. Places filled with overwhelming passion and feeling of inner purpose and belonging. Without doubt it has been the hardest yet most empowering experiences of our lives. Our journeys – that will be ongoing till the day we exit this universe – has made us the greatest versions of ourselves.

In the efforts to bring that sensation to individuals or the humans behind organisations through the Meaningful Journey we feel even more fulfilled as persons pursuing meaningful lives.

How. We help people find their deepest purpose in order for them to pursue their biggest dreams and we challenge their current perspectives through conversations.

We humans see the world through our own perspective on life – like our own pair of invisible glasses. That perspective is the foundation of most of our thoughts. Through our thoughts we tell and convince ourselves things everyday.

The most powerful thought processes on a personal level arise out of a realisation that our perspective can be changed – that we can get a new pair of invisible glasses.

As easy as buying a new pair of glasses may sound, this will perhaps be the biggest challenge of your life if you choose to engage in it. Therefore you need to find your drive – which is your inner purpose and voice. After finding your true drive, you will come to realise that you can’t quit pursuing your dreams and that the opinions of others doesn’t matter at all.


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